Harvey Esquire


Harvey Esquire’s website was initially informative, but rigid, and was limited to their Profile and Information. This year, with their Principal Lawyer being renowned to have ranked top at popular Q&A blog platform, they needed a new responsive and updated website that their readers could refer to. They reached out to us for help and within no time, they were able to launch a responsive website, designed to portray their professionalism and modern niche. Now their website is interactive, and features a splash banner of a remarkable Los Angeles landmark which subliminally represents their expertise in the Southern California Districts, an extremely aesthetic Services section, active client reviews, a contact form, a statistic summary of their total jobs according to service, credentials, direct links to their social media, and mobile integration. These are some of the prominent visual changes that were overhauled in the Harvey Esquire website. However the true star of this website redesign, are the purpose and legitimate functionality which serves their digital presence even more potential to get the online marge it deserves.