Behind an online-beloved entrepreneurial product, was a generic e-commerce website, stuck in the outdated branding of the early 2000’s era. The product was a universal cuff designed for daily assisted living, and supported such a good medical cause that it captivated the hearts of the parents, users and the other supporters of this product. However, this increasing fame also needed the visual marketing that will provide extensive information to potential customers. With this Eazyhold tapped us to redesign and redevelop their website. 

Coming to launch, is the new Eazyhold website with a homepage that showcases a slider, a gallery and a sneak peak of their products. Then another page is dedicated to display all the different products available, but this new platform is made to be interactive. Not only is a landing page, created solely, for their social media mentions, but a forum, where the loyal customers, frequent users and potential leads can interact, and really testify to the use of this innovative cuff.