Barakat Gallery


Omuze has also serviced the Arts and Gallery industry, and one of our satisfied clients is Bakarat Gallery: a family owned historic museum that needed to improve their website design and functionality. With two other international gallery locations, Bakarat archives artifacts and historic pieces with over 125 years of history from five (5) family generations. So you can only imagine how many listings of different cultural categories we had to transfer from one server to another. Omuze literally needed to recreate the aesthetic design of every gallery category, with over ten (10) other sub-categories, with multi-sided images and descriptions. We also had to set up an auction page, a blog, customer accounts and wishlists, newsletter email captures form, search forms, and so much more features that optimize an upgraded Art gallery website. However, the most tedious of all, is upgrading all the current publications and integrating it into digital magazine-like pages. The overall result, though is just priceless. Up to this day, you can refer to their page and see a clean, aesthetically designed, and full-functioning website: all brought to you by the developers of Omuze.