SEO : Search Engine Optimization is creating the right titles, bylines, descriptions, content, links and backlinks into your web structure, and just overall optimizing the information available about you, so that your company name and services can appear in search engine results when a potential client or an automated viewer executes a relevant search. The results of this conversion is an online presence so that your relevant community could reach you, engage with you, and eventually avail of your services. This is a custom package, with the deliverables, tailored to your company's industry and marketing strategy. Contact us for your SEO plan today. 

$2,999.00 Intial Setup
Initial Setup Deliverables Include
  • Objectives and Strategies Consultation
  • SEO On-Page Analysis and Optimization
  • Web Design and Site Map
  • HTML/CSS and Development
  • Keyword and Market Analysis
  • Social Media Marketing [Google, Facebook, Twitter]
  • Content Marketing and Backlinks
  • Rankings Update
Monthly Maintenance Deliverables Include
  • PR Distribution
  • Social Media Posting
  • Infographics
  • Competition Ranking Reports
  • Progress Review and Evaluations

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