We'll manage your keywords for online channels such as DFP, AdWords, Social and more. No monthly minimum!

Product, Service and Website Launch

Once you have your new website established, or whenever you have a new product or service, you’d want the word about it to go around. This will not happen without an effort exerted. With Omuze, you can have a launch plan, an email blast to your constant contacts, updates on all of your social media platforms, and whatever other mediums you’d like to tap in to get the word out, we will arrange for you.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

Thousands of online searches are executed every single day, and the first choice clicks are on the top search results or the related advertised products featured. The goal is to make sure that your products and services are exposed to your targeted online users. We can help you tailor your ads to your targeted demographic and then recommend further actions to make sure your resources are utilized fully. Ads cost money so we’re here to make sure that each click expended is towards a relevant search viewer that is likely to convert to a sale.

Blogs and Social Media Platforms

Using Blogs or Social Media Platforms can give your marketing strategy that capability to reach customers that are out of your proximity. For instance, creating relative blogs or opening a Facebook page for your company shows customers that you are a real human company that is engaged with others. Through your posts, viewers get to see that you are real enough to be concerned of their needs, therefore, they need to avail of your products that fulfill those needs. Online users also refer to a company’s social media platform to judge a company’s presence. With large followers, they will assume that your business has a number of faithful clientele, and users that trust your product or service. Advertising services are also available in these platforms now. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest now, has paid advertising options that can help you boost posts so that they can be viewed more. Omuze, with our social networking passion, can help you optimize these options.

Analytics and Reports

Analytics and reports can always be provided to you by every advertising platform that serves your campaigns but not the way we do it. Our expertise enables us to translate these bot-generated analytics reports to your campaign’s progress. You will be recommended which keywords to focus on, which ad campaign is performing better, or what demographic to really focus your campaign on. So within a scope of anticipated period, we can work together to create a progressive ad campaign that delivers a profitable result.